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What is the site about?
At Workmenfinder , our purpose is simple: To help those planning home improvement projects to find their ideal tradesman quickly and easily. In the same time our Purpose is to aim to be the most effective way for good tradesmen to expand their businesses.

Need to find workers? Find plumbers, find electricians, find carpenters, find builders, find bricklayers, find nurses, find carers, find designers and many, many more with Workmenfinder , now!

If you want to find a builder in London, a handyman in New York, a plumber in Berlin… then start here. Find tradesmen who other people have already vetted. Tell your local handyman about Workmenfinder and get them signed up to add to the already huge database of workers throughout worldwide. Workmenfinder is the place where who planning home improvement projects can meet workmen from all around the world.

Posting a project-work on Workmenfinder is for free and our experienced workmen can provide quotations in minutes. Our easy-to-fill form allows you to ask for price quotes for your project. Choose the best price quote between more ones and turn your project into reality .

You can select the best suited project quotation among all received and contact the selected doctor directly to start speaking with him. Workmenfinder is also integrated with Facebook and Twitter too. So this allows that each new project work posted on Workmenfinder will be published immediately on Facebook and on Twitter giving maximum publicity and maximum ability to quickly find the best workmen for your project.

How Do I Get Started? Once you have signed up for free you can post a new project-work by clicking "Post a Project". Check your email in a few moments you will receive an email from Workmenfinder with your username and password. Clicking on "Post a Project you can publish on the site your project quotation request for free with the maximum budget that you want to spend and the maximum time to respond to your request (maximum of 90 days).

Optionally you can pay a $15 fee and thereby make your quotation request "Featured!", giving to your project an extra exposure so that it gets the most possible bids. If your project work is is Urgent you can pay a $1 fee more and thereby make your project featured as "URGENT !"

After you have submitted your project details a notification email will be sent to hundreds of workmen worldwide who match the areas of expertise that you selected, notifying them of your request . They will be able to bid on your project and post messages on your "Message Board". If your project work receives a bid or someone leaves a message on the ”project message board” (PMB) you will be notified immediately by email.

What are the costs to me?
It is completely free to join and post project quotations on Workmenfinder ! All we ask in return is that if you rate the worker so other customers in future may have a better understanding of their performance. To rate a worker you will need to accept that particular worker's bid online. We do charge tradesmen a small fee for each quote they send. However, the use of our site often means that tradesmen end up spending less on advertising and are therefore able pass these savings onto their customers.

How do I rate another user?
You are able to rate any workers that you have concluded project with. To do so, log into your account through the 'Manage Account' menu option, following which your account page will contain a list of the members which you may rate. Please ensure that your ratings are accurate by providing an honest opinion about the tradesman you employed, you are helping future users to make a wise choice. Best of all this has the added benefit of encouraging tradesmen to provide the very best service, and make sure their customers are entirely satisfied.

How we can pay? Is your payment system secure?
We take all security measures to guarantee your personal information is secure when transmitting all sensitive personal information. Workmenfinder is integrated with PayPal and Moneybookers to collect payments from clients. For paying your Worker you can use our secure own Escrow system . By paying all or part of the agreed fees via our escrow your money are held securely and independently by Workmenfinder until all parties are satisfied that the project has been completed, at which time the Buyer can releases the funds. By using our Escrow, our Worker knows that funds have been commited for his benefit, but he/she doesn't have access to the money until the completion of the project. So all parties to the agreement can be confident that payment will be made and the Project-work will be completed to everyone's satisfaction. The escrow payment functionality can be accessed via the "Manage My Account" section.

How should I make payment to my chosen a Worker?
Buyers do also have the option to easily pay their Worker through the site. Each user on Workmenfinder maintains a running balance of funds which can be added to using either a Credit card or a PayPal account. Funds may then be transferred either directly to the account of the chosen Worker, or via an Escrow account which holds the funds securely whilst the Project-work is completed to both parties satisfaction.

What if my chosen Worker does not complete the Project-work to my satisfaction?
As in any cases when you enter a new contractual relationship with a Worker, you can never be sure that the service you will receive is exactly what your looking for. We therefore encourage you to the check the Worker ratings and references available at Workmenfinder . However should your chosen Worker not live up to expectations, please remember that Workmenfinder is not a party to the contract reached and only acts as a facilitator. Any action to enforce your contractual rights should be with the Worker directly. For further information please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Are all Workmenfinder Workers licensed to conduct my Project-work?
Workmenfinder cannot check the licensing requirements for all types of project-works and therefore makes no assertions as to the licensing status of any member. We request that all Buyers check for the identity details of the winning bidder as well as the appropriate licensing for their Project-work and the location of work and only proceed with the Project-work once they are satisfied that the work required is covered by necessary licenses or registrations. Note that registraton requirements vary considerably between countries and even between different states, and that a license is not always required depending on the type of service being provided.

Can't I contact the Worker directly?
Once bidding has been concluded and you have chosen a Worker and he/she has accepted the Project-work, you will be put in touch with your Worker directly by us. During the bidding, you may use the message board and private messaging functions on the site to discuss the Project-work and provide any further details or clarification that is required. Any attempts to bypass this and allow contact with the Worker directly by posting phone numbers, web site addresses or other contact information may result in the suspension of your account. Please help support the concept behind Workmenfinder to ensure it remains a worthwhile and productive venture for all involved by respecting the Terms and Conditions.

When posting a Project-work, how much detail should I provide?
We encourage you to post as much detail on your proposed Project-work as you can, to ensure that the full scope and detail of the Project-work is understood by both parties. Details can be entered directly into Workmenfinder when posting the Project-work, or by attaching a file, such as a Word document, to the Project-work for potential workers to download… However please do not post any personal information in the Project-work description as such will be public to other users and search engines. Keep personal information for your selected Worker only. When you have to pay a workmen your best choice is to take advantage of our safe Escrow payment system which protects both buyers and workmen and is FREE of charge. To send a payment, all you have to do is log in, click on the Escrow payment link (in the payments area, near the Balance), enter the workmen's username and the amount you wish to put in the Escrow account. Once the Project-work is completed to your full satisfaction you can release the funds by going to the 'Payment Transaction' area and cliking on the 'Finish Payment' link in the 'Outgoing Escrow Payments' table.

Should I deposit money if I have none in my wallet ?
Money should be deposited as soon as possible in order to start working with Workmenfinder . But you can post a Project-work if your account is zero. If you need to make a payment through Workmenfinder you must deposit enough money in your wallet first.

How do I add money to my account?
To add money, log in, click on 'Payment Transactions' and then 'Deposit Money'. You can deposit money from Paypal. You can also use your credit card through Paypal or Moneybookers too.

Can I withdraw money from my account?
Yes, money can be withdrawn whenever you want as long as you are logged in. Click on 'Payment Transactions' and then 'Withdraw Money' to withdraw money from your PayPal account. You must withdraw a minimum amount of 20$ for each withdrawal. All withdrawals are processed manually in 7 days from day of request for Paypal, and 7 days for Moneybookers.

Can money be transferred between users not involved in any Project-work or to another one of my accounts?
No. Money can only be transferred from one account to another to pay for a Project-work once it is completed.

Is any fee applied for transferring money to another Workmenfinder account?
No, there is no transfer fee when sending payment to another Workmenfinder account.

Buyers - Homeowner FAQs

How do I open a new Project-work?
Click on the 'Post a Project' link on the header to land on the New Project-work page. Select up to three specialties types and then give a description of the Project-work you are looking for. You may attach a file if you want (2,5 mb max uploading). Fill in the rest of the fields and then click on 'Post a Project'.

How do I close, cancel or extend my Project-work?
Log in to your account, click on the 'Buyer Activity' link and choose the applicable option. A menu will be displayed for you to make changes or close a Project-work by selecting a workmen. You are also given the possibility to extend your Project-work duration up to 7 days more.

Why must I fill the 'Days open for bidding' field in?
Workers need to know how much time is available for bidding before the Project-work request ends. This gives everyone a guideline to work within. However, you can extend the bidding time of your Project-work any time.

What is a budget range?
The budget range is an approximate estimate of how much you are willing to pay for a specific Project-work. You definite your budget range by choosing a minimum and a maximum spending limits. This is necessary because it helps workmen deciding on how much to bid.

Can I re-open a closed Project-work ?
No. You need to post a new Project-work.

What does it mean that a Project-work is frozen?
A Project-work is frozen when the bidding period expires. When the Project-work is frozen, it's your time to either select a workmen or extend the bidding time. Project-work will continue to be frozen until the selected workmen accepts (or rejects) your Project-work.

Other Frequently Asked Questions
Okay, I've got a job and I need it done, what do I do?
Click on the Submit Your Job link and post your project. For verification purposes we'll send you an email containing a link which needs to be visited. Is this really a free service?
Yes. Of course you'll need to pay the worker should you accept them to complete your job. All we ask in return is that if you rate the worker so other customers in future may have a better understanding of their performance. To rate a worker you will need to accept that particular worker's bid online.
Once I start receiving quotes, am I under any obligation to accept one of them? No, if you aren't happy with the bids or the workers aren't exactly what you are looking for you are under no obligation at all to accept the bids. I have found a worker on your site which I am going to accept to do a job, is there anything I should be aware of? You should always ask your worker for a few client references and make sure you follow these references up.If it's building work for instance then check to see whether the worker has the correct qualifications, certificates etc and that they have previous experience doing that particular type of job. Ask them who will be doing the job, will it be them or a sub contractor? If they can't do the job straight away then make sure that the amount they bid for will not rise. Remember to get them to break down the price so you know what you are paying for. Get a contract written up, stating when the job is due to be completed, when work starts etc. Also don't pay too much money up front - be aware that disputes can happen between a worker and project owner.

Workers- Trademen FAQs

How does Workmenfinder work for Workers?
Workers can view posted Project-works and choose which one(s) to bid on according to their qualifications. When the bidding period ends the buyer selects the winning Workers, who can begin to delivere the project, complete it and get paid!

What benefit do I get from using Workmenfinder ?
Finding clients can sometimes be difficult. Workmenfinder is advertised all over the Internet, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin too attracting many potential clients who may require your services. You have nothing to lose and and everything to gain by joining Workmenfinder .

What are the Workers Profiles and the Sample Portfolio Area?
The Workers Profile and the Sample Portfolio are two free services Workmenfinder offers you after registering. You can use them to publish a presentation of you and post your resume.

How much does it cost to join Workmenfinder ?
Signing up is free. You will only be charged a small commission for every Project-work that you win. We only charge a small commission on closed regular Project-works: 10% or $20 (whichever is greater).You don't have to pay commissions on featured Project-works. VIP Members don't pay any commissions on any Project-works.

How much does it cost to become a VIP Worker?
VIP Workers pay a $ 15 monthly fee. Upgrading to VIP membership gets you some exclusive benefits: • No commission charged for winning Project-works: a VIP workmen saves money! • More Exposure: as a VIP Worker your bids will be displayed on top of the Project-works' bid list. This way who post a project immediately see your bid. Your bid will also be highlighted in a special color and a VIP symbol will be displayed next to your nickname.

How can I communicate with a buyer?
You can send the buyer a private message. Privates messages are meant to be read only by the buyer and you.

How can I stop receiving e-mail notifications of new Project-works?
Log in to your account and click on the 'Edit Account Info' link. If the e-mail notification box is ticked off, uncheck it to stop receiving e-mail notifications.

Can I be refunded the Project-work fee if the Project-work fails?
Workmenfinder is only in charge for getting you in touch with buyers from all over the world. It is not responsible for any Project-work failure.

What is a private message and how can I send one?
Private messages are a direct line between a buyer and a workmen to discuss the details of a Project-work. Private messages cannot be seen by other workmens. You can send a private message by clicking on 'Private message to (buyer username)' on the Project-work page.

Can I change my account password?
Yes, you can change your password at any time. Log in to your account and go to the 'Modify Login Info': you will be given the option to change your password immediately.

How does the Escrow system for payments work?
The Escrow system is a great way to ensure safe payments for the work you provide a buyer with.

How much is the commission for each Project-work?
The commission is 10% of the bid amount. VIP Workers pay no commissions.

Should I have money in my account?
Once you have been selected as the winning workmen of a Project-work by the buyer, you will need to have money in your account to pay the commission.

How can I add money to my account?
Go to the 'My Account' area, click on the 'Payment Transactions' link where you will be given the option of depositing money. Money can be deposited via Credit Card, PayPal and MoneyBookers.

Can I withdraw money from my account?
Of course. In the 'My Account' area, click on the 'withdraw money' link in the "Payment Transactions" section and money will be deposited into your PayPal account. Please note you cannot withdraw less than $20 at a time.

Can money be transferred between users not involved in any Project-work or to another one of my accounts?
No. Money can only be transferred from one account to another to pay for a Project-work once it is completed.

If I don't invoice the buyer for the total bid amount, can I receive a partial refund of the commission charge?
No, Workmenfinder stores a Project-work as soon as it is closed by the buyer, therefore you will be charged according to the bid amount.

When do you collect the Project-work fee?
Project-work fees are automatically taken from your account, however taking such fees must not result in a negative balance, so you should make sure you have enough money in your account wallet or deposit some in advance if you don't. You can not have a negative balance (below zero).You can not obtain contact information about the selected workmen and you can not start working with him until your fee is paid.

How do I place a bid on a Project-work?
Click the 'Place Bid' link on the Project-work page. You will be redirected to the bid page, where you can enter the bid amount, provide an estimated time for the Project-work completion and add details of your bid (optional). When placing a bid, you can choose to be notified via e-mail when lower bids are placed on the same Project-work by checking the corresponding box. All bids are reviewed manually, they will appear to be delayed as it takes time to do this review. The reviewing staff will check for contact information, any information of this kind will be edited out.

Can I change a bid I have already placed on a Project-work?
Yes, you can change your bid by clicking the place bid button again. The buyer will see your latest bid.

Can I cancel a bid I have already placed?
Yes, you can cancel your bid by going to the 'My Account' area, clicking the 'workmen activity' link and then the 'Retract your bid' button.

Can I ask a question about a posted Project-work?
If you need to ask a buyer a question to get any details about the Project-work, you can post a message either on the public or the private message board. You can access these boards by clicking on one of the corresponding text links on the Project-work page.

Can I estimate the cost of a Project-work when bidding?
You shouldn't estimate the cost of a Project-work and post it as a bid. You could end up bidding yourself too high, or on the other end, you could put in a lot of work and not be receiving adequate compensation. When you place a bid, you enter into a legal binding contract and you would be required to perform the work for the amount you have bid. If you require more information to make an accurate bid, you can use the public and private message boards.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

It looks like a great idea but how much will it cost me?
You can list yourself for free on the Workmenfinder website, we'll put together a profile for you. With a profile users who visit the website will be able to read a little about you and can contact you easily if you supply a phone number, mobile number or alternative website. All this for free.

Why should I register with your site?
Not only will you be placed into our online directory you'll also receive a link to your website which could help with Google rankings, a profile page with information written by you, a place for a few numbers so customers can call you directly.Why pay for an expensive advertising campaigns which may generate zero interest when you can just use Workmenfinder and pay for leads which interest you. It's great value. Try and see what difference it makes to your business.